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Electrical Maintenance Company In Dubai

Electrical Maintenance Company In Dubai

Is any electrical equipment stop working in your home or office? Or has your power gone out? Is the fuse gone or there is a complicated circuit? we are a professional and skilled electrical maintenance company in Dubai. We will repair or resolve all of your issues in moments.

We pride ourselves on being able to give you helpful, friendly, and professional advice. When it comes to fit our customer’s needs nothing is more important. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss all of your electrical needs.

We provide a reliable range of electrical, fire, and security services and have worked on projects in many sectors including residential and commercial.

electrical maintenance company in dubai

Electrical services

Arab Maintenance electrical services have been providing Electrical Services for nearly many years and have developed a strong background in all facets of electrical power installations and maintenance.

We provide an extensive range of electrical services for clients across the UAE. Whether your business requires electrical services and maintenance, or installations and upgrades, We can provide any form of electrical service for your home, office, villa and, company. Having been in the industry for more than one decades now, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive electrical service and maintenance.

You can contact our friendly customer service team for more information about our services, or any of your urgent electrical needs. We want to empower our clients and aim to support businesses regardless of the nature and scale of their requirements.

Smart Home

A smart home is a home that automatically takes care of tasks around your house, freeing up your time for the more important things in life. It’s not all about the fancy touchscreens and gadgets on the wall, in fact, it’s actually the total opposite. 

Smart Homes was originally a luxury purchase for the rich and famous, but now smart home technology is available to everyone. It is now possible to have a high tech, easy to use the smart home for a fraction of the cost of the high-end systems. 

Yet they still deliver the same levels of control, integration, reliability, future-proofing, and ease of use. With so many smart home solutions on the market, it was difficult to find a complete system to meet our client’s needs. When looking for a system we had to take into consideration full flexibility and cost of installation.

smart home
fire alarm

Fire Alarm

For any home, office, and, business we know how important it is to keep your family, staff, assets, and premises safe from outbreaks of fire. Maintaining your fire alarm system is of paramount importance.

You depend on your fire alarm systems to detect smoke or fire and to provide the earliest possible warning of a risk to your family, staff, and visitors. Therefore, it is essential that your fire safety system is kept in optimum condition and regularly checked and maintained.

Whether your fire equipment was provided by us, or another supplier, Our expert engineers are fully trained to maintain fire alarm systems, ensuring they are always fully functional.

CCTV System & Camera

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) industry has revolutionized the use of security cameras to not only monitor property and valuables but to simultaneously oversee multiple operations in various locations around the world.

We offer a wide range of products for the security cameras that we use. The type of camera that we use depends on what our customers’ specific needs are. We can build any type of system, for any type of location, and customize it so that our customers are fully satisfied and protected.

We provide service, security, and surveillance systems for large to small facilities for office, business, and private properties

CCTV Camera

New Builds

Here when you need a full new build, we are here to provide you with the electrical installation.

Fire Alarms

We provide and install fire alarms to ensure that there’s no fires outbreak, we provide all services to a professional standard


We provide you with all the electrical aspects of lighting.

Switch Boards

Whether you need switchboard replacements or full switchboards, we are here to provide you with the electrical service.

Full & Partial Re-wires

Whether you need a full or partial rewiring, we are here to provide you with the electrical services.

Additional Plug Sockets

In case you need additional plugs, we are here to provide you with the electrical services.

Security & Garden Lighting

We offer lots of lighting services e.g. Security or Garden Lighting. We are here to provide you electrical services.

Interior & Exterior Inspection

Whether it’s interior or exterior, we will always have an inspection of our services.

Bathroom & Kitchen Extractors

Whether you need a bathroom or kitchen extractor, we are here to provide you with the electrical services

All Electrical

Whether you need a bulb, to a fire alarm being installed, we are here to provide you with the electrical services.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

We provide and install Ceiling fan installation and repair so that your fan is running in just no time. We provide all services to a professional standard.

Electrical Devises Repairing

We provide all types of home electrical devices repairing facilities on your door step.

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